100CCPARTS ELECTRIC siphon pump


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100CCPARTS Electric siphon pump

Developed for motorsport. Proven quality, optimal functionality with constant performance, even under the toughest conditions.

You can count on a 100CCPARTS product! and meet the highest standards.

Fast and easy refilling of liquids such as petrol, diesel, water & oil from barrels and jerry cans, simple and without spilling. Refuel or empty your kart fuel tank in a few steps with our electric siphon pump!

  • Pumping liquids such as petrol, diesel, water, oil and other liquids quickly and easy
  • Pumps 9.3 litres of liquid per minute
  • Dimensions siphon pump 640 x 45 mm
  • Length of flexible hose 595 mm
  • Suction hose length 390 mm
  • Supplied excluding batteries 2 x D 1.5V


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